WordPress trunk news #1

WordPress Trunk News

This week’s been very busy for the core contributors and developers of WordPress. Here are some of this week’s major changes in WordPress trunk.

TinyMCE 3.4.8 update

changeset 19830

TinyMCE 3.4.8 maintenance update has been released on the 2nd of February. This updates fixes at least 3 known bugs reported in WordPress and countless others. View the changelog for more information.

twentytwelve WordPress theme

changeset 19842

The initial Twenty Twelve theme commit. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, do so. Freeze is planned to occur on the 29th of February.

5 new XML-RPC APIs

changeset 19848

XML-RPC wp.newPost, wp.editPost, wp.deletePost, wp.getPost, and wp.getPosts. The introduction of these would allow one to work with posts of any type via the WordPress XML-RPC.

PHPMailer 5.2.1 update

changeset 19849

Released back in January, the update provides some fixes and performance improvements.

Edit spam comments

changeset 19856

If you have ever tried to edit a comment that is marked as spam you’d get a message stating: “This comment is marked as Spam. Please mark it as Not Spam if you want to edit it“. This changeset allows one to edit comments even if they are marked as spam.

SimplePie upgrade to 1.2.1

changeset 19890

Released in October of last year, a dozen of fixes and a couple of new features.

Autocomplete for Multisite user and site lists

changeset 19897

If you run a multisite then you know what a pain it is to find a site in the Network/Sites or users in Network/Users. Autocomplete to the rescue. This is going to be a major convenience for all Super Administrators with wp_is_large_network (by default a large network is either more than 10,000 users or more than 10,000 sites, but if you’re not that gigantic you can use the ‘wp_is_large_network’ filter to still get through).

Remember, these changes are not officially available, and are not production-ready. Do no rely on them to be part of any future release. Refer to Updating WordPress with Subversion for more info.