How to Optimize Images in WordPress (40+ Tools, Tips, & Plugins)

Why should you optimize images on your WordPress site? There’s a conundrum many website owners face: needing to showcase images on every page and in every post but, at the same time, large image size can actively slow down website load times.

How to Implement SSL on WordPress (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Image source – Pexels. We can probably all agree that the security of your website should always be a top priority when building your online presence. And one of the most important ways to secure your WordPress site traffic is to install an SSL certificate. In this guide we dive deep into exactly that: We’ll …


Cleaning Up Bot Registrations in WooCommerce

…or Optimizing Slow Sub-Queries in WordPress Bot registrations are a nuisance in many WooCommerce sites. Cleaning them up seems to be a trivial task: just delete all users without a placed order from a month ago and backwards. select * from wp_users where user_registered Okay, so we almost 50 thousand customers and a bit over …


WordPress HTTPS to HTTP Cookie Error

After switching from HTTPS to HTTP (local development) WordPress may sometimes get stuck in the following error message: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. The browser complains: This Set-Cookie was blocked because it was not sent over a secure connection and would have overwritten a cookie with the Secure attribute. The solution …


bbPress Can’t Count

bbPress Can't Count

In a highly-concurrent high-load environment bbPress will not count the topics and replies correctly. This happens due to several race conditions in the code. While not a critical vulnerability, it’s annoying. I wonder how the dotorg forums keep the numbers accurate? Maybe they don’t and nobody cares 🙂 but it’s something I’ve been very passionate …


W3TCache + nginx + subdirectories

W3TCache + nginx + subdirectories

This is a simple instruction on how to make W3Total Cache (version 0.13.1) work with nginx (version 0.14) and subdirectory installs. That is if you’re still doing subdirectories. In most cases WordPress Multisite/Network will do the job properly without having to fiddle with nginx configurations files and whatnot. Here we go. W3TC generates an nginx.conf …