The Next Chapter for Pressjitsu

Pressjitsu was bootstrapped by a couple of friends 6 years ago. We onboarded our first client in the beginning of January 2015 and were one of the first dedicated, managed WordPress hosting providers out there.

We never made it big. But it’s been an amazing journey. We were the first WordPress hosting platform to add free Let’s Encrypt certificates, the first and still one of the only platforms to provide in-house performance profiling tools. We’ve written the fastest WordPress object cache out there, and in-house image optimization way before CDNs had any (most still don’t).

We were building for the long run.

Where we are and where we’re going

Pressjitsu stands firm in the belief that WordPress application code (core, plugins, themes) have always been the bottleneck. We’ve always striven to optimize client code beyond just upgrading server software and hardware.

Doing this manually doesn’t scale well, requires top software engineering talent and lot of time and patience on both our end and the site owner’s end. That’s why a year ago we started working on a new platform. One that would disrupt the WordPress hosting industry in ways nobody’s thought of yet.

In a new effort that was met with huge time deficiencies and budget limitations a new kind of platform was being readied. This is when I was approached by an EU-based startup called Rackly, who wanted to build a WordPress hosting provider and required a team to develop and run it.

It was clear that a new stepping stone for Pressjitsu was on the horizon. After almost 5 months of hard work, a handful of prototypes and countless hours of brainstorming a partnership agreement has been achieved between Pressjitsu and Rackly.

What this means for Pressjitsu

Pressjitsu has grown almost overnight. From a handful of employees and contractors to a full-blown company with large in-house teams. Able to now acquire top talent, like my brother Konstantin Kovshenin, a now former Automattician. Able to further Pressjitsu’s agenda of creating solutions to actually make a performance impact on WordPress sites out there.

The product will change shape. For the better. Think live support (something we were unable to do). Think 100% uptime guarantees, microoptimized and scaleable WordPress environments. Think raw performance improvements with zero work or compromises on your end. We’re thinking big.

I will remain the CTO and lead developer, visionary for a large lifecycle of WordPress products and revolutionary services. We venture forth with new strength and we’re excited to provide as much value out there as we can!

What this means for existing clients

Existing clients will be able to use the legacy Pressjitsu platform for 6 months. This includes managing existing applications, as well as provisioning new ones. Managed migrations for existing customers are still available for new applications, as well as premium developer support.

Enterprise customers will mostly be unaffected by this change.

None of the other Pressjitsu products are planned to be affected by this change.

Followup emails will be sent to all existing customers with further details and instructions.

What this means for new clients

We are not accepting new customers at this moment. However, we’ve already began work on a major update to our existing platform, with a handful of great new features. We’ll be announcing the public beta launch as soon as it’s ready.

Launch is set to happen by the end of this year. A new design will be rolled out very soon.

We are building for the long run. Updates and further details will be published here.



Геннадий Ковшенин

Гениальный программист (таких по пальцам пересчитать). Жил на Мальте, потом в Магнитогорске, потом в Санкт-Петербурге. Один из основатель всего российского WP сообщества, вечный спонсор всех WordCamp'ов. Создатель супер-быстрого и супер-защищенного WordPress хостинга PressJitsu и (возможно) настоящий создатель Биткоина. Может за 15 минут решить проблему, над которой полгода бился весь ваш IT-отдел. Вряд ли захочет, потому что все еще находится в поисках себя. Может стать кем угодно, по настроению. Как-то стал сверхмарафонцем и пробежал 100км Ural Ultra Trail. Очень любит WordPress, зеленый чай и аттракционы. Тролль 543 левела. До сих пор не сделал сам ни одного сайта на WordPress.

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